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                  Hyper Efficient Technology


Welcome to Wind Sail Receptor, Inc.

Meeting Tomorrow's Environmental Challenges. . .


It is projected that by 2020 the world will need 70% more power based upon increases in population and economic developments.  Emissions from carbon dioxide (CO2) are expected to rise as well.  The mission of Wind Sail Receptor, Inc. is to develop technology to meet future environmental challenges.



   ************   JOB OPENING NOTICE   ************
Currently there are no job openings.  
    Wind Sail Receptor expects the
   Blade Manufacturing Plant
    to be in operation in 2015.
          Positions:  2 staff and 28 workers       

          Job Description:  Making, stocking, and shipping          
   windmill blades

We are currently accepting job applications. 

Please fill out this
JOB APPLICATION FORM and email or       fax the application and your resume to Wind Sail Receptor. 

          Email to:

          Fax to:  702-293-1941

If you have questions, please contact us ONLY via email.

















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