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THE FUTURE - It is projected that by 2020 the world will need 70% more power based upon increases in population and economic developments. Emissions from carbon dioxide (CO2) are expected to rise as well.  The mission of Wind Sail Receptor, Inc. is to develop technology to meet future environmental challenges.

WIND POWER - The design developed by Wind Sail Receptor, Inc. uses modern material knowledge so that the new turbines will be lighter, more efficient, stronger, and more durable than current technology.  With the dramatic increase in efficiency comes an equally dramatic reduction in weight.  These translate into lowered manufacturing costs and reducing the time for return on investment.

ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION HEATING AND PURIFICATION SYSTEM - Invented by Energy-Inc Park, Wind Sail Receptor, Inc. has a worldwide marketing license for the "ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION HEATING AND PURIFICATION SYSTEM" with non-incineration or plasma.  Through this "Electromagnetic Induction Heating, Closed-Loop System," we thermally degrade any material (except nuclear) to basic components with zero emissions. This includes SO2, SO3, VOX, VOCs and CO2.

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