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Windmill Patent -
US Patent number: 7,309,213 B2
Filing date: Nov 7, 2005
Issue date: Dec 18, 2007

The current wisdom within the industry is to develop wind farms that reach higher and higher into our atmosphere. The logic is simple. Air flows ever increase as one moves up in elevation. For example, the difference in wind speed in 200 feet of altitude can be 40 miles per hour. This is significant when companies are ever searching for greater wind flows for the dramatically-increasing demand of inexpensive and environmentally friendly sources of electricity.

Because these systems were inefficient in capturing the motion force of the wind, companies continued escalating in order to reduce the cost per generated unit. This trend is still continuing with planned generators in the five-megawatt range having blade diameters of 210 meters and tower heights of 130 meters (approximately 400 feet).

The design developed by Wind Sail Receptor, Inc. uses modern material knowledge so that the new turbines will be lighter, more efficient, stronger, and more durable than current technology. With the dramatic increase in efficiency comes an equally dramatic reduction in weight. These translate into lowered manufacturing costs and reducing the time for return on investment.

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